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      Pursuing a career as a professional Artist can be an incredibly challenging yet extremely rewarding career.  You get to do what you love, you can make a fucking killing doing it, but the success of building and maintaining your brand lays entirely on your shoulders.


 In todays day and age, social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok provide Artists the opportunity for incredible reach and growth at speeds unlike anything we’ve seen in the past. The amount of opportunity they can create for us as Artists is unlimited. They're a lot of work to keep active, but they're an undoubtedly invaluable asset to you and your brand.


Today, you are where you are because you’ve worked your ass off to establish yourself and create a name, and you're working hard to continue building a loyal fan following

and customer base.

But heres the thing..



You are leaving all the fruits of your labour and the future online stability of your brand in the hands of unpredictable social media platforms like Instagram & TikTok, and online form services like JotForm.


Instagram has become notorious for suddenly taking away Artists profiles for something as menial as the presence of a butt cheek or a nipple within your posted content.. which is a scary thought, because in the blink of an eye, the following you have amassed and the portfolio you’ve worked so hard to create can simply disappear just for posting the skin you tattooed, or a photo from a boudoir shoot you did, leaving you with little form of contact between you and your existing clientele, erasing your entire online portfolio, and forcing you to restart your online brand

presence from scratch..


And when it comes to services like JotForm,

countless artists pay $40+ a month for nothing but a simple contact form, yet you are not retaining any of this precious client contact information for effortless future promotional use, and worse, the forms often become corrupt at the most inconvenient times..

( like right when you're opening your books back up )


The importance of taking control of these variables in your business cannot be understated.


      When you choose to work with Moondog Media you are choosing to place that control back into your own hands, working with members of your own community who know the specific demands of your career, all the hard work it has taken to get to where you are, and who deeply respect and understand the important aspects of expanding your brand within the Arts industry.

Let's build you a super sick, fully customized personal website that not only serves as your digital storefront, but in itself is an extension of your works of art. Let's build you custom request and contact forms which retain 100% of all client contact information for easy future promotional use. Let's build you a professional portfolio featuring whatever the fuck you want, hosted on your very own platform, free of the conservative content constraints of social media.

Maybe you want expand your brand even further and create additional streams of revenue and brand exposure?


Let's build you a secure online shop so you can begin to offer custom merch to your fanbase so you can be making money while you're making money. Need some slick ass custom merch printed to stock up that snazzy new shop of yours?

Oh shit, we can do that too.

                        *drops mic*

It's time to take that next step towards building your brand beyond the time that you’re physically creating, and to reclaim full control of your brands future online stability.


We’re ready to go when you are.

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