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First and foremost, Enjoy Your Mind is a mindset. Our brand serves as a reminder to humanity that our quality of life is a result of what goes on in our minds. If we can come back to simplicity and simply learn to practice to Enjoy Our Minds, our lives would be more purposeful, fun, exciting and enjoyable.

We serve as a resource to educate, to embody, to get inspired to, enjoy your life! Through Artwork, love, retreats, community, clothing, and through leading by example, Enjoy Your Mind Studios is able to heal, uplift, teach and inspire people all across the globe to enjoy their time here on earth. It is a beautiful outlet for us to express ourselves authentically which helps others to do the same.

Enjoy Your Mind Studios is much more than just a brand to us. It is our deeply engrained lifestyle and mindset through which all of our dreams and goals continue to come to fruition.

We hope that this resonates with you as deeply as it does with us. If so, we're happy to welcome you to the family.

It's all love baby,



Enjoy Your Mind Studios is a creative studio founded in 2018 by Artists  Moondog and Seekshaed. Moondog and Shaed are a Husband and Wife team who first met  in the summer of 2017 at a bar in Venice Beach California, under some incredibly coincidental circumstances. Upon meeting, they quickly became inseparable, bounded together by their shared passion for the Human Experience, The Arts and their 'Dont-Take-Everything-So-Seriously' mindset.  A channel for  a collective passion project was envitable, and Enjoy Your Mind Studios was promptly born.

Enjoy Your Mind is a piece of them both, channeling much of their artistic inspiration from the Psychedelic nature of the Southern California desert where they got engaged. As artists who are running a small business themselves, their primary goal is to uplift and inspire other entrepreneurial artists to pursue their dreams and creative goals, and for all those who may not be artists themselves, to embody the concept of enjoying their minds during the time they have on this earth. Impacting the global frequency starts within you. Realize that you have always had everything you need, deep within you, and that by pursuing and projecting your creativity, you unearth the ability to inspire and uplift the mindset of all those you come in contact with throughout your life.


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