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What drives and inspires you?
            S:  When I really think about it, it's nature, and the southern Californian desert in particular. Nature is everything I pull from, especially with tattoos which I am given a lot of creative freedom with. To be totally honest, I often tap into the vivid feelings images and stories I've experienced after taking magic mushrooms.


Whats your favourite subject to tattoo?
            S: Right now, I'd definitely say it's floral & ornamental. Ya I'm fuckin vibin with florals and ornamentals. Peonies, chrysanthemums and botanicals integrated with ornamentals. Oh and magnolias too, I love magnolias! But honestly, it's so hard to definitively say that because there's so many subjects that really excite and intrigue me, and I feel like picking one is too constrictive GAHHH

Whats your favourite music to listen to while your tattoing?
            S: Ooooooooo I like this question, I would definitely have to say EDM/House Music. When the music is upbeat and fun and energetic, I find it really helps me get in the zone to focus and knock out that fuckin tatt! 

Whats your favourite food/dish?
            S: MEXICAN FOOD. I mean I am half Mexican so there definitely is some biasedness there but I fucking love Mexican food.  I want to say menudo is my favourite dish but to be honest traditional menudo can get a little gnarly considering I mostly eat vegetarian. OH SHRIMP COCKTAIL! I LOVE SHRIMP COCKTAIL! And no, thats not the shrimp rings with the cocktail sauce. A good authentic mexican shrimp cocktail comes in the big glass margarita style bowls and has all the tomato sauce, avocado, cucumber, cilantro, onion and lime and other things too but i cant remember them all right now, now all I can think about is eating Shrimp Cocktail.

If you were trapped on a deserted island and could bring 3 things with you what would they be?

             S: Things? or can it be people? Because if I could bring people I would bring my husband Moondog, my mom and Ralfi, my dog. Actually if I cant bring them I wouldnt want to be on the island anyways. But I guess you said im trapped so I dont have much of a choice. Now that I think about it, this is a pretty dark question. BUT IF I HAD TO CHOOSE 3 THINGS, I would choose my glasses, my iPad with netflix so I could at least stay entertained and make it feel like i have people around me, and a shrimp cocktail.

Q&A's with Seekshaed

"Seekshaed is a super cool gal & and certified pinto bean reigning from the desert regions of Southern California. Her artistic style packs the type of twang that could make the steel pins in your grandmother's new hip rattle loose, and her mind bending interdimensional perspectives are enough to make your brain melt into liquid and leak out of your ears."
      - Moondog

Moondogs Thoughts: