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Seekshaed is a professional artist born and raised under the desert sun of Southern California. Shaed has always been driven by this insatiable thirst for growth and change, constantly seeking that next thing that fuels her passion. This relentless pursuit led her on an unexpected journey to the lush landscapes of Vancouver, Canada. Where over five transformative years, she not only unearthed success as an artist, but also carved a niche for herself in the dynamic world of the tattoo industry. 


Now, having recently returned to the vibrant streets of Los Angeles, Shaed is embarking on a new mission to channel her boundless creativity into yet another expressive medium: Murals. 


Shaed's journey in tattooing has been a transformative one which she undoubtedly intends to continue for many years to come. But with this new era in her life, comes a new found desire to branch out, with the goal of facilitating exponential growth as a well rounded artist. Shaed has always had a passion for painting, in fact many years ago that is where her art journey began. This compelling desire to work with paint brushes again to restore color to the world overwhelms her. So she has decided to follow her aspiration of igniting a brand new side to her artwork. Signifying an evolution which merges her illustrative tattoo mastery and euphoric realm of fine art to bring to life an entirely new world of expression. 



Following the submission of your inquiry form, I will reach back out to you, and granted that I see myself as a good fit for what you are wanting,  our creative journey together begins! This is when I will dig deeper into your project details and your specific needs/wants. Once I have a clear understanding of the vision I prepare a quote for you.



Next, we will have a meeting! Either in person or via zoom. During our meeting, we will dive deeper into your vision for your art piece. Together we will narrow down the concept & visual direction, ensuring we both leave feeling excited and confident. Following the meeting, I will draft up 1-2 mock up murals and send them to you for approval. Once approved, I will send over my contract & insurance outlining all agreed upon terms and project breakdown cost.



Once the deposit is paid and the contract is signed, I will send over the final draft of your design. I am happy to revise the design as many times as needed until you give final approval! All that matters is that you are getting something you are absolutely stoked about.



I will arrive at your space with all the needed materials and equipment, ready to execute your project with passion, precision, creativity, respect, and care. Once the mural is completed, you will receive your final invoice for the remaining balance.





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